About Us

Hampshire County Council is planning major changes to the road network and facilities around North Camp. The plan is to widen Lynchford Road into a 4-lane dual carriageway (apart from a small section outside the fire station).

This will have a major impact on North Camp village, its residents and small traders, and in particular the 1000 plus children who cross the road to and from Wavell school. The stated purpose of the widening of the road is to serve Farnborough airport, the many businesses on the business park and the Exhibition Centre.

We believe that it will contribute to the further decline of North Camp.

Please see all the material on this website and take part in these decisions which will significantly affect the future of your village for generations to come. We are here to keep you up-to-date, give a voice to your ideas, and to help make North Camp the place you want it to be for the future.