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7 February 2022, Advance Work Starts in Lynchford Road

Includes tree removal from southern side of Lynchford Road, ground investigations relating to services and sampling the road and footway. Some public realm enhancements are planned including planting of mitigation trees. Advance works are expected to complete by end of March.

See HCC Farnborough Growth Package

5 December 2021, NCSG submission of Comments on Decision Report to HCC

The North Camp Support Group sent comments on the November decision to HCC which may be downloaded from Decision-Report-comments-Farnborough-Growth-Package-05-12-21-1.pdf

19 November 2021, Farnborough Growth Package Approval

Hampshire County Council approved the Farnborough Growth Package, https://www.hants.gov.uk/News/19112021NorthCampFarbghGrowthPackagePR which includes:

• Lynchford Road Improvement Scheme (Phase 1) 
• Active Travel Fund – Old Lynchford Road 
• Blackwater Gold Grid – Alexandra Road

The report giving the final details of the project may be downloaded from https://democracy.hants.gov.uk/documents/s87519/Report.pdf

15 January 2019, Farnborough Growth Package Decision

A shortened version of the deputation was read out, we had to be sure to cover all the points in 10 minutes. The decision made by Cllr Humby was to proceed to the detailed design stage for the Eastern section between the A331 and Peabody Road.

Click here to read the deputation.

12 November 2018, NCSG submission of Comments to HCC

North Camp Support Group submitted comments on the second consultation to Hampshire County Council.

Final submission to HCC 2nd consultation.pdf

12 October 2018, North Camp Support Group Public Meeting

A presentation was given showing the implications of the plans on traffic movements through North Camp Village. Short talks were given by members of concerned local groups namely: a representative from the Wavell School governors, the Rushmoor Cycle Forum and Friends of the Earth.

There was a constructive discussion, the community was able to meet together and share their views.

Everyone was urged to complete a survey form. Paper survey forms were available at the meeting for those with no access to computers, as it was apparent that there was little general awareness about the survey.

1 October to 12 November 2019, Second Consultation period

Two drop-in events are being held at the Holiday Inn, Farnborough, on Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th October between 2pm and 8pm. The public will be invited to complete a questionnaire.

This is the last chance for the community to have a say in what happens to Lynchford Road and North Camp. Please attend one of these events if possible and complete a questionnaire. If you do not want a 4-lane dual carriageway along most of Lynchford Road, say so on the form. If you can’t make it to an event, please complete the questionnaire online.

1 October 2018, Final plans published

You can see the plans here or on the Hampshire County Council website. The plans have changed to show a 4-lane dual carriageway from top to bottom except for 3 lanes outside the fire station.

13 March 2018, Plan of improvements approved

NCSG delivers deputation to the Council decision group. The document raises significant concerns with specific emphasis placed on the planned widening of Lynchford Road and its impact on local residents, visitors, and the children and staff at The Wavell School. (Read it here)

Despite this Councillor Humby approves the report’s recommendations in full and work to develop the prioritised schemes is begun. Perhaps in recognition of the concerns raised, a key inclusion in the decision is that the scheme’s planners should engage in further public consultation.

23 January 2018, Public consultation

A series of public presentations are organised and feedback is gathered. The schemes for North Camp’s Lynchford Road are largely derivative with no wider alternatives offered for connecting the new community of Wellesley and Farnborough Exhibition & Conference Centre with the A331.

Of those who responded to the questionnaire, 34% supported at least one the schemes presented. Of the remainder, 34% rejected the plans completely and 32% said they might be able to support the proposal as they develop.

The main concerns raised centre on the impact on the community from increased traffic, air-quality and noise. This includes pupils and teachers of the The Wavell School who cross the Lynchford Road daily. To read the full consultation report, click here.

14th November 2017, Plan for Farnborough Growth Package presented

A report on the Farnborough Growth Package is presented to Hampshire County Council Environment and Transport Committee and approved. https://www.hants.gov.uk/transport/transportschemes/farnboroughgrowthpackage