Lynchford Road Contractors

Meet the Contractor – Engagement Event, Thursday 29th September 2022 at the Holiday Inn (Queens Hotel)

North Camp Support Group members went to this event to meet the HCC Team and members of the contractor team, Jacksons. The engagement was positive.

The new scheme is a great improvement on the original 4 lane highway planned with the removal of 90 plus trees. Far fewer trees are to be removed and the tree planting on the South side should help create a continuous green corridor on the South side of the A3011. Nature based solutions are also in evidence with run off water being used to water newly planted trees.

We were able to express our thoughts on issues such as:

The quality of surface for the proposed footways and cycleway.

Mitigation planting and the management of trees post planting.

Our disappointment that the 8 trees to be planted on the North Side of Lynchford Road between Peabody Road and Morris has been reduced to 4.

The 2 new junctions facing Fabrica and the North Camp Pub will reduce the amount of previously planned public realm space close to the Greek Corner and add to road danger and air pollution for people on foot and cycling.

We encourage the North Camp Community to engage with HCC and Jackson’s throughout the time period of the scheme development.